Can You Take HGH for Blogging?

As usual, Mr. Gladwell delivers some insight and asks the right questions on performance-enhancing drugs in sports:

"...it is perfectly legal for an athlete to get painkillers after an injury, so he can continue playing (and, I would point out, risk further injury.) It is not legal for that athlete to take Human Growth Hormone, in order to speed his recovery from that same injury. Again, why? What is the distinction? Why is it okay to play hurt but not okay to try and not play hurt?"

I've often asked the same thing about steroids in the Olympics. Rich countries win more medals than poor countries because they have the resources and to spend on their athletes. An athlete from Canada puts more substances (legal) in his body than say an athlete from Mauritius and has access to superior training regiments, nutrition and equipment, yet we maintain that there is a 'level playing field' when it comes to athletics in the Olympics. What's 'fair' about that?

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