A Good Idea, At Least So Far

'Rumours' (read: common sense) are spreading that the province of Ontario is going to take over the TTC. The Province is going to take over GO, and an integrated system would be the right move. The Province should take over the TTC and the 905 transit, integrate them all, and deliver the dream of being able to buy a ticket in Mississauga and travel all the way to Scarborough.

I have yet to hear a good argument against this. The Star lays out a list of pros and cons, with the cons being:

Loss of autonomy by the GTA's largest transit system.

Possible loss of iconic symbolism for TTC.

Good heavens no! Trade in iconic symbol for a more efficient, better run system?

Think of the budget space that would be freed up if Toronto didn't have to run the TTC. Don't worry though, I'm sure city council will find a way to spend all the extra money and still be in the red.

How come no one is talking about privatizing the whole mess? The Province should put it all together, suffer through the ups and downs and then sell it the highest bidder (or, the lowest bidder that has an in with the Premier).

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