This Just In: Killer Whale Kills

A killer whale killed a trainer at Sea World. While tragic and terrible, it's hardly surprising - check the name of the animal. That's what these things do - they kill. And this wasn't the first time this particular killer whale killed someone - this was number three. It's similar to the story about the tiger who ate his owner.

And, this guy is an idiot:

Jack Hanna: Whale Trainers Are Like Astronauts

Here's the money quote that you can read as you do a spit take:

"Larry, didn't our astronauts go up in the space shuttle and we lost them when they came back? It was a terrible thing. They went back up in space, didn't they? We want to learn from space and help mankind. That's what SeaWorld does. These are dangerous animals. This young lady sacrificed her life and would be sitting here today saying she'd do it again for the great work she's done and SeaWorld has done to educate tens of millions of people over the last years."

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