The First Casualty In The New American Border Security Measures: Strippers

A good look at how the post-9/11 security measures that the U.S. has imposed at the border has affected Canadian/US relations and business.

The biggest impact: fewer Americans are coming over to see strippers.

"It was a snowy March night in Windsor, Ont. On the stage of Jason's Executive Lounge, the French Canadian stripper seemed to be asking herself, "Why did I bother to undress?" A royal-blue robe draped over her forearms as she danced to the low-volume disco bip-bip-bipping out of the nightclub's heavy-duty speakers. A muted floodlight cast a pale glow on her bare belly. Three men sat alone at their tables, sipping cranberry-juice cocktails and bottles of Labatt's Blue. The dancer's eyes wandered toward the door. She'd come all the way from Montreal and gotten naked for this?"

I expect the Canadian government to do something about this immediately. Tax breaks, a Royal Commission, something damn it! Why won't anyone think of the strippers?

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