Rob Ford and Orientals: I Wished I Lived In Etobicoke

Tempest in a teapot: Councilor Ford raised hackles by using the word 'Oriental' in some comments and people jumped out and down and stamped their feet. It should be pointed out that he was trying to say the admired Asian people and their work ethic, but since he used a word that he shouldn't have (and really, Mr. Ford, what are you, 64 years old?) he had to apologize.

Even that raised a stink because he apologized without apologizing, until finally he capitulated and said sorry. Centuries of racial discrimination against Asians in Canada has been solved.

For the record, my lovely wife, who is from Japan, took no offense at the remarks at all. I've been around British people who use the word 'Oriental' rather than 'Asian' (which they tend to use for Indians/Pakistanis) but also Aussies who use 'slant-eye' with alarming frequency.

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