Obama and Wright: Who Listens in Church Anyway?

The pundits keep harping that the Pastor Wright controversy will be the undoing of Obama. I don't think so. Who listens in church anyway? Most people just doze off and think about the football games in the afternoon or mentally undress the other parishioners. It was a fantastic speech that Obama gave, but he should have added that he wasn't really paying attention anyway, something most people could relate to.

Also - why did no one ever go after Romney for all the crazy things the Mormons believe in? If you want to get down in the muck, then every person who has ever been in a church should be disqualified from being president.

From Mr. Mahr: "If you leave a church when the head of the church says bad things about America, what do you do when your church hierarchy is caught up in a systematic and decades-long sex abuse scandal? And did I mention the people being sexually abused were children? Hundreds of them?"

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