Newfoundland - Our National Shame

Mr. Cosh with an excellent article about Canada's biggest political mistake: Newfoundland.

Newfoundlanders often ponder that alternate world in which they drove the “Canadian wolf” from the door. The bitter truth is that those who came closest to being right about joining Confederation in the referendum fight of 1948 turned out to be the most extreme, most paranoid of the anti-federates. They said that Confederation would lead to an exodus of Newfoundland’s young and most talented. They said that Ottawa would run the cod fishery short-sightedly and perhaps destroy it. They said, long before Churchill Falls, that joining Confederation would leave Newfoundland at the mercy of French-Canadian interests. Can history offer any retort?

Personally I think Canada's biggest mistake was letting Loverboy break up. Think of the world that might have been.

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