Bill Clinton Doesn't Want To Share

Seriously - is he trying to sabotage his wife's chances at being President?

But seemingly without provocation, former President Bill Clinton has revived the controversial episode, tossing out a few inaccurate one-liners in her defense as he complained about how harshly she was judged in retelling that 1996 trip while she was First Lady. And his remarks have whipped around the Internet overnight and this morning.

A year ago or so, the chatter was all about how much of an asset Bill Clinton would be to his wife's presidential campaign. Now it's looking like he's more of a liability than anything else.

It is a bit strange when you think about - he's only been out office for 8 years and was followed up by a incredibly bad president which as made his own terms in office look better by comparison. Now his wife wants his old job and will definitely do a better job than the current president and potentially dimming Bill Clinton's star.

No one likes to know that someone who replaced you in a job is doing a better job than you did, but what if it were you're wife? Or your spouse? Especially since ex-presidents are put out to pasture. He could be doing all this just to spoil Hillary Clinton's chances at winning.

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