The Corporatization of the TTC

An interesting idea was floated on Toronto's city council: selling the naming rights.

"Mr. Milczyn pulled out an ad in the magazine, where Dubai is advertising naming rights for sale on its new public transit system. “One of the world’s wealthiest jurisdictions is selling naming rights,” he said. “It would be interesting to see what we could do here in Toronto."

Of course, this was shot down: Councillor Joe Mihevc, the TTC vice-chairman, was quick to slam the brakes on the idea. “I think Councillor Milczyn has many good ideas. I don’t think this is one of them,” he said. “Our passengers want to go away from corporatization.”

Yes. Well. Right.

They do? Would they rather pay a fare increase every year instead of suffering the indignity of having to stop at Starbucks Station? Last time I look the TTC was corporatized to the hilt - branded and marketed. Would it be that big of a difference that instead of it being referred to as the Red Rocket, it was Red Bull's Red Rocket?

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