Heart of Gold With a Soul of Coal - Legalizing Prositution

I made some comments about how prostitution should be legalized and thought I was ever so clever. Then Barbara Kay sent me to the back of the class:

"That is precisely the position the German government takes: prostitution is a job like any other. A few months ago, in a logical consequence of that attitude, the government informed a woman on welfare that even though she could not find work in her preferred fields, since she was eminently qualified, and work was available, she should take up prostitution — legal, safe, and as Heer would have it, morally acceptable — or lose her state subsidies. To that married woman with children it was an appalling position to find herself in, but according to Mr. Heer’s curious strain of logic (I suspect he is a single man without children), prostitution being a job like any other, she has no cause for grievance."

I stand corrected.

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