There's Some Kind of Joke In Here With Spitzer and Prostitute

What was Spitzer thinking?

Let's come back to the hypocrisy in a little bit. And the psychology. Spitzer made his bones busting up prostitute rings and went after Wall Street criminals with a high sense of moral justice, making enemies along the way. He was a high profile politician and his name came up, now and again, as a possible candidate for President one day. Besides the illegality of going to prostitutes (which I'm sure will be debated and his supports, all three of them, will tout the 'victimless crime' aspect of it. My thoughts are they should legalize it, regulate it and tax it, much the same way booze and gambling is (i.e. lotteries) there is the vulnerability. Not to besmirch the profession of whoring, but these are women who are paid money to have sex. Blackmail isn't that far of a skip away, as is being bought off by political opponents to spill the seeds, as it were, on whom they have serviced.

The hypocrisy angle to simply too delightful, and I think that will be his undoing. We can put up with a lot from our elected officials - incompetence, lying and war-mongering (I'm looking at you, President Bush), outright cowardice and duplicity ('Allo, Mr. Dion) nutty ideas (Mrs. Green, how are you today?) and being a cyborg sent from the future to destroy mankind in the coming war between humans and machines (Prime Minister Harper, hope you're having a bang up day). But hypocrisy is something with which we will not stand for. It ranks up on the list of sins for politicians as flip-flopping (called 'reconsidering after thinking it over' by us normal folks) not supporting the troops (also called 'questioning the motivations and goals for entering into an armed conflict') and not wearing an flag pin in your lapel (called 'treason').

The pop psychology argument breaks down into two camps: Spitzer was either a narcissist who thought he was above the law and the rules did not apply to him, or he was full of self-hate that he had to destroy his life. Or it could be both. Or, he was an idiot who thought with his dick and had no regard for his wife and three daughters.

It will be interesting to see how, or if, Governor Spitzer resurrects himself. After all the American political climate allowed a President who banged whatever moved to keep his job and continue in the public arena. Numerous evangelists have had indiscretions and still had people send in their money so God would save their souls. It might not just be over Spitzer just yet.

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