That's Funny, and I Have Scientific Proof

You know when you hear a joke the first time, and it's kinda of funny, but on subsequent tellings it gets funnier and funnier? Turns out that it is funnier the 32nd time.

"There’s a certain ineffable thing about jokes that operate according to the sine wave of funny that make them work; not just any joke repeated over and over will work. It takes a special kind of joke to really engage the sine wave of funny. When this happens, though, it’s like magic — it’s like the joke goes into hyperdrive, and you never want it to end. And the really amazing thing about these kinds of jokes is that, at first, they don’t really seem that funny at all. They’re chuckle-worthy, at best. (In fact, you might invert the sine wave on this graph — initially, your patience is tested by the joke … then it becomes funnier and funnier. Then not so funny. Then even funnier than before. And so on.)"

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