Books Make You Dumb, Dumb Ass


  1. Get a friend of yours to download, using Facebook, the ten most frequent "favorite books" at every college (manually -- as not to violate Facebook's ToS). These ten books are indicative of the overall intellectual milieu of that college.
  2. Download the average SAT/ACT score for students attending every college.
  3. Presto! We have a correlation between books and dumbitude (smartitude too)!
    Books <=> Colleges <=> Average SAT Scores
  4. Plot the average SAT of each book, discarding books with too few samples to have a reliable average.

Seeing Atlas Shrugged so high is a surprise, since that book is garbage. The Book of Mormon ranks higher than the Bible, and Lolita is what smart people read. Smart and horny people, I presume.

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