Why Haven't We Replaced Farmers With Machines?

Whenever someone mentions farming, I can't help but think: why haven't farmers been replaced by robots?

We have robots that replaced factory workers, robots that replaced dancers and even robots that have replaced sex partners, so why haven't we designed robots that can replace farmers?

Being the second oldest profession, you'd think we'd move away from this type of work years ago, but for some reason people still continue to work the land and ask for lots of money from the government to do it.

"The value of federal and provincial aid to the biofuels industry in Canada is in the billions, although the real total is incalculably higher. More than $2-billion has been allocated to direct and indirect financial support from Ottawa, including $1.5-billion in operating incentives to producers. Another $200-million will go to help farmers "overcome the challenge" of raising capital. Another $500-million will boost a Sustainable Development Technology fund to develop new technology. Then there's $10-million to help farmers "develop sound business proposals."

(I feel the same way about fishing, just to complete my big-city bias)

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