I Don't Heart Huckabee

I love American politics -- not a vote has been cast and already we have front runners and dark horses. The media has been talking as if Hilary and Rudy already have the nomination. Can skipping the primary and have the media nominate the two candidates be far behind? No, no it can't.

(That's the kind of service you get from this blog - answer to self-posed rhetorical questions)

One such dark horse is Mike Huckabee who the media seem to be falling in love with. (If only because the story well involving Mitt and Rudy have run dry. Side note -- when did we cross the line of familiarity and start calling future leaders of the world by their first names? Hard to imagine anyone calling FDR 'Frank' or Churchill 'Winston', but then again my crankiness at the lost age of civility is well-known).

Sure, Huckabee seems attractive, especially when you stack up against him against a corrupt, three-times married cross-dressing mayor and a flip-flopping member of a cult-like religion that wears weird underwear.

However, Huckabee is the one who doesn't think that humans are primates and doesn't believe in evolution. As Governor of Arkansas, he denied a retarded girl who was raped by her stepfather Medicare to have an abortion, he tried to prevent gay parents from adopting children, and did his best to make sure evolution disappeared from school textbooks.

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