What's With This 'New Country' Talk?

Seems to be accepted wisdom that Canada is a 'new country'. It was also accepted wisdom that the earth was flat and that the Radiohead albums since OK Computer haven't sucked.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Oldest constitutions

  1. San Marino, 1600, Constitution of San Marino, constitutional republic
  2. United States of America, 1789, United States Constitution, constitutional republic
  3. Poland, 1791, Constitution of May 3, 1791, constitutional republic
  4. Liechtenstein, 1806, parliamentary representative democratic monarchy
  5. Norway, 1814, constitutional monarchy
  6. Belgium, 1831, constitutional monarchy
  7. Costa Rica, 1838, democratic republic
  8. The Netherlands, 1848, parliamentary democracy
  9. Denmark, 1849, constitutional monarchy
  10. Switzerland, 1849, federal parliamentary democratic republic
  11. Argentina, 1853, federal presidential representative democratic republic
  12. Canada, 1867, British North America Act[1]
  13. Luxembourg, 1868, parliamentary representative democratic monarchy
So, the truth has made all of us liars and thrown our world upside down -- Canada is older than England and France , which has created some kind of fold in the time-space continuum where the child is older than the parent. And, yes, the US beats us again. And -- once again Luxembourg is breathing down our necks... damn those Luxembourgeionans....

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