Itz The End uv da Whorld

We have to hold the line on this, man the battlements and dig in deep.

"With the help of some amusing animated characters, ABC News correspondent Robert Krulwich took a look at a few of the “eggcorns” I discussed, namely vocal chords (vs. vocal cords), free reign (vs. free rein), and shoe-in (vs. shoo-in). Despite the light-hearted tone of the segment, I’ve received a number of grave responses wondering why Oxford University Press is so cavalierly allowing “corrupted” spellings into its dictionaries."

Next we will be allowing 2 + 2 = 5...

Doesn't anyone use spell-check? I've often thought it was a tool that was destroying spelling (remember the days when you had to use the dictionary to look up words, or worse, when you had to memorize their spellings? Yeah, I don't either) but at least would prevent eggcorns. (Though not free reign and vocal chords)

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