Use of Celsius=Decline in American Sovereignty

This post is really about 'cow-towing' but offers up some gems that I couldn't pass up. A TV station in the States has decided to offer its weather reports in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and this was some of the response:

"This is just another example of giving in to people who come here from other countries and are too lazy to learn our ways (English, non-metric temps, etc.). Why should they have to learn our ways, we feed them their ways so they don't have to bother. This is a TERRIBLE idea. If I need to know how to convert something from metric to American temps, I will get a book and figure it out or find it on the internet. They should do the same. With the internet, anything can be learned without it having to be fed to us. I don't expect other countries to cow-tow to my English, we should NOT cow-tow to their language and desires to not bother to learn our language and ways."

"NO, on celsius. This is the United States of America. We speak English and use Fahrenheit. Well, I guess you could show wind speed in kilometers, too. Where does it stop? I guess when we become a Spanish speaking nation."

"Just another concession to political correctness and liberalism. By compromising our language, our culture, our standards, and the like we only enable those who refuse to assimilate and only wish to be leeches upon our largesse."

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