NFL in Toronto

Again with this?

"It assumes that a Buffalo buyer does not step up to keep the Bills in Buffalo, should current owner Ralph Wilson's heirs choose to sell the team upon his death. It assumes the NFL wouldn't prefer to put a team in Los Angeles. It assumes that the NFL is willing to effectively eliminate the Canadian Football League by placing an NFL team in Toronto."


Anonymous said...

yea, leave the NFL out of Toronto. CFL = Canada


Canadians can't stand Americans as it is - why would we want their version of football, too?

Leave the NFL as is... no city in America, regardless of size, should cause heartbreak and torement to the fans that have supported their teams for decades.


The Dark Canuck said...

Actually I my mother is American, but I'm glad you can make broad, bigoted statements about a group of people. Any opinions about blacks and Jews you'd like to share?

You're right though, we don't need a city in America to break our hearts -- the crap play of the CFL does that quite nicely as it is.

Go Argo's... what? Go Argo's kicker? Go Argo's mascot?