Explanation Required

I don't understand this: how can you have a political party without any seats? Isn't it similar to saying I'm wealthy except I don't have any money?

I don't have any seats at Queen's Park, but I've got a lot of wacky ideas just like the Green Party, so can I go around declaring myself a political party?

Loser talk: "The party had captured more than 8% of the popular vote at press time, meaning nearly one in 10 voters cast ballots for the alternative party.

The Greens outpaced the Liberals and NDP in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, where Shane Jolley was running a close second to long-term PC incumbent Bill Murdoch -- the MPP that John Tory branded a "maverick" and "jack-in-the-box" for demanding a free vote or referendum on the party's controversial faith-based schooling initiative."

Reminds of that time when I almost, almost, won the gold medal in the 100 metre dash at the Sydney Olympics. And by 'almost' I mean I ran to catch the bus around the same time the race was happening and I was really fast.

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