Goodyear and Science

It does matter whether or not Goodyear believes in Creationism. If the Minister of Health thought homeopathy was medicine, or if the minister in charged of Immigration thought that the white man was superior to all others, we would all be in an uproar, and justifiably so.

If MP Goodyear had responded in the same way to a similar question about gravity or the earth's rotation, he would be stripped of his portfolio faster than an apple would hit the ground.

My objection to the Minister of Science of Technology/Evolution brouhaha is the question itself - evolution isn't a matter of belief. To ask someone if they believe in gravity or thermodynamics would be silly - it's not a matter of belief, it's a matter of fact. Creationists have fogged this issue so much that it's acceptable to even ask this question, which is the true controversy here.

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