Bob Rae Steps Aside

Rae rae stepped aside, claiming that no deals were made, much the same way my daughter claims that she didn’t eat the last cookie in the package. Undoubtedly the Libs learned from last time – having two strong candidates in contention for leader opened up the possibility of a wishy washy compromise candidate – and fearing another Miss Congeniality taking the reins Rae stepped aside to let Iggy take over – and probably fail.

Rae rae is looking smarter every minute – Iggy isn’t the candidate to galvanize the nation (though no doubt the Obama comparisons will be made with straight faces) unless he takes my advice and appears shirtless at press conferences and ends every photo op by spreading himself in peanut butter and jumping from the rafters. The first punk Prime Minister? Worth a shot.

He probably won’t though (but, please, one time use Lust for Life at a campaign stop. Or I Wanna Be Your Dog. A sure vote getter) and will be in the same position Dion was and will have to force an election if wants to keep his cojones. You know Harper is going to push him into it – have we not learned by now that cyborgs must try and destroy their human creators? – and then take Iggy apart for causing another election.

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