David Foster Wallace: Online

A collection of 11 essays.

A profile of Roger Feder.

A profile of McCain, written in 2000, which is eerily predictive of the 2008 campaign.

Youtube moments.

And an examination of what led him to kill himself:

"He wanted to write the way he wanted to write — funny and overstuffed and nonlinear and strange. The teachers were all "hardass realists." That was the first problem. Problem two was Wallace. "I think I was kind of a prick," he said. "I was just unteachable. I had that look - 'If there were any justice, I'd be teaching this class' - that makes you want to slap a student." One of these stories, "Here and There," went on to win a 1989 O. Henry Prize after it was published in a literary magazine. When he turned it in to his professor, he received a chilly noise back: "I hope this isn't representative of the work you're hoping to do for us. We'd hate to lose you."

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