The Onion's AV Club: Most Recommend Book List

An interesting list from the good people at The Onion's AV Club.

Steve Hyden

mystery train

I would never force anybody to read a book, because if the American education system has taught us anything, it's that forcing people to read is the number-one way to drive them to videogames and shitty reality shows. But I strongly recommend that every man, woman, and child pick up a copy of my favorite book of all time, Greil Marcus' Mystery Train. Part music criticism, part history lesson, part blowhard ramble, and all mind-expandingly brilliant, Mystery Train is a love letter to American music and myth. It's a book that will make you fiercely patriotic for all the right reasons. Marcus' America is populated by weirdoes, sex addicts, con men, and visionaries, and they're all grooving to the same honest, filthy, heartbreaking music that forms the bedrock of pop culture to this day. Mystery Train will also turn you into an Elvis fan, if you aren't one already, and loving Elvis is good for the soul.

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