If May is Elected, She Promises to Alter The Laws of Physics

Apparently, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has magic powers to bend space and time:

“If we had access to Canadian-made Bombardier trains that people do in China and Spain and other advanced countries … the trip from coast to coast would be 18 hours instead of five days.”

Some quick math - that would mean an average speed of about 350 KM/hr. That seemed fast to me, so I actually checked:

France's Ligne à Grande Vitesse Est Européenne between Paris and Strasbourg is the first railway in the world where trains can run at a maximum speed of 320 km/h (199 mile/h). This has helped to lift the record for the fastest scheduled rail journey to 279.4 km/h, compared with a best of 263.3 km/h two years ago. Making full use of the higher speeds, a French TGV trainset covers the 167.6 km between the new stations at Lorraine TGV and Champagne-Ardennes TGV in just 36 min.

I'm assuming the extra 30 km/hr that the trains in Canada will get is because they will be fueled by polar bears and baby seals...

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