Mississauga Transit Drivers Can't Announce Stops

What baffles me about this is that the Brampton Transit drivers have no trouble announcing the stops, yet south of Steeles it is "impossible"

"Plans called for drivers to indicate stops by either shouting or using a microphone. Signs would be installed on the city’s bus stops to assist drivers in remembering which location came next on their route. But the city’s transit union quickly objected to the plan, arguing it would be dangerous to ask drivers to read road signs while driving. “You cannot drive and read -- that’s impossible,” Vito Tomas, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1572, said on Wednesday. “The health and safety code says you cannot drive and read. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading newspapers or signs or anything. You can only read signs in front of you if you’re on the highway -- that’s a different story. But we never drive and read. It’s impossible.”

Apparently memorizing the stops along the route would be took much to ask...

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