The power went out last night so I missed the end of Mad Men. This summer the power has gone out three times, and it has all been concentrated in the area around my apartment building. Even the traffic lights go out, and the police have to come and direct traffic.

Reminds me of the Great Blackout of '03 -- I was married the weekend before, and my in-laws, who were visiting from Japan, stayed the week and we were at the zoo in the morning. We came back to the hotel to change just in time for the power to go out. It was scary at first - people thought it was a terrorist attack or something along those lines. With no TV, Internet and radio, it was hard to figure out what has happening. A street vendor had a battery powered radio that kept us informed, but we ate pizza in our hotel room and had cold showers in the morning before our flight back to Japan, which was detoured to Minneapolis so we could get food.

That was bad, but missing the end of Mad Men was about equal.

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