David Lee Roth Imposter On the Loose In Ontario!

Everybody panic!

A bizarre story reported last week, in which a man initially identified as Van Halen singer David Lee Roth was saved by Canadian police after a severe allergic reaction to nuts, has gotten even weirder. According to Canada's Sun Media, while the man first stopped by southern Ontario police for speeding was being taken to the hospital on the night of May 23rd, the real Roth was onstage with Van Halen at Madison Square Garden in New York. Yet after the mystery man recovered, he spent some time at a local club called Liquid Lounge with nurses from the hospital and even got onstage there to perform the Van Halen staple "Ice Cream Man."

So, what's worse? David Lee Roth on a rampage, or a David Lee Roth impersonator?

The real test would have been for him to do that scissor kick in spandex pants from the Jump video. Only the true Roth could achieve that.

Best line I've read in a while:

Just to add another twist, a local man whom "Roth" was staying with, Dean Hajas, said that his houseguest was the real deal. Asked how Roth could have been in a hospital in Canada on the same night he performed in New York City, Hajas said, "It's up to you to draw your own conclusions."

....and I conclude that this guy is lying.

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