Australian Environmentalists Want You Dead. Dead!

Lovely quiz from our friends down under that tells at what age you should have died depending on your 'impact' on the environment.

The most interesting question is about how much money you earned - the less money you spend, the longer you live, especially if you spend on 'ethical investments', which one can only assume means giving your pittance to fund more surveys of this kind.

Aimed at kids, this survey totally misses the mark. The more environmentally unfriendly the answers, the bigger chance the pig explodes. It's not hard to imagine kids wanting to make the pigs explode.

It does reveal the dark side of the environmental movement - that human lives can be added to the equation. I'm sure we would be better off, at least in terms of resources, if there were fewer people in the world, but how would this ever be accomplished? This is a dark avenue to go down, with the spectre of government enforced population control programs.

The idea of that the more money you make somehow makes you less environmentally responsible is bogus. We will only see real change when someone figures out how to get rich off of climate change and businesses get involved. The rise in gas prices is a good example of how markets have more of an impact on behavior than awareness raising concerts and documentaries.

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