I'm Not A Hypocrite, I Just Say One Thing And Do The Complete Opposite

In celebration of Governor Spitzer and his peccadilloes, here is a list of other prominent people who got caught being hypocrites.

4. Amrit Desai (1932– )

A onetime art student, Amrit Desai came to the United States from India in 1960. He began giving yoga lessons on the side and ended up training several thousand people, who in turn became yoga instructors around the country. With his followers calling him “guru dev,” or “beloved teacher,” one of the things Desai taught at the yoga center he founded in Massachusetts in 1972 was that celibacy was spiritually mandatory for unmarried people. Desai even took a vow of celibacy himself in 1974, despite being married with children. No wonder it was something of a shock (perhaps greatest to his wife) when in 1994, the beloved teacher admitted to having affairs with three of his followers. The scandal forced Desai to resign his $150,000-a-year post. He eventually moved to Florida, but kept up the yoga.

I don't see the big deal about this. Why would a man do yoga other than to increase his chances in getting a leg over a female classmate?

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