Boycott The Beijing Olympics

When should we expect the boycott of the Beijing Olympics to start?

At least 10 dead, probably more, all for a group of people demanding not independence, but autonomy.

According to the cowards at the Canadian Olympic Committee, not any time soon.

"I think particularly to use the athletes who have made so many sacrifices, to use them as pawns in a game that is politically, idealistically and socially very complicated would be unfortunate," said Chris Rudge, CEO of the COC. "I don't think we can ask one constituency, which are a force for good, to stand up and act on everyone's behalf."

Yes. Well. Right.

I'm not sure how throwing a spear qualifies you as a 'force of good', but if you are a force of good, isn't standing up and act on everyone's behalf precisely what good means? Perhaps the Canadian Olympic Committee should less time working on improving their sprint time and talk to some Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

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