Why Should We Care About Polar Bears, Exactly?

Another day, another report that says the death rate of polar bears is overblown.

"As their audit makes clear, the forecasting principles contravened by the Department of the Interior reports are not esoteric points only of interest to mathematical pedants; rather, the Department contravened principles that are the scientific equivalent of common sense. For instance, according to Armstrong, the government-sponsored reports failed to ‘conduct experiments to evaluate forecasts,’ ‘be conservative in situations of high uncertainty or instability’, or ‘ensure that information is reliable and that measurement error is low’. These are just some of the 41 principles of scientific forecasting contravened."

The question that hasn't been answered to my satisfaction - why should we care about polar bears? Besides the usual 'we are all one on this planet' background noise, my life no way has been impacted by polar bears. Sure, it will be sad to see them go, but if polar bears had the chance, don't you think that we swipe their claws, knock us over and eat our intestines?

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