The End of Winter. And By 'End', I Mean 'Strengthening'

The curator of the Kew Gardens in London advocates that Spring should start early, because there is no longer any winter.

“Over the last 12 months there has been no winter,” said Dr Nigel Taylor. “Last year was extraordinary. Spring was in January, April was summer, the summer was cool, then it was warmer and sunny in autumn."

Note he doesn't actually supply any temperatures (otherwise known as 'evidence' or 'proof') but relies on the 'it was colder when I was younger' argument, which has remarkable legs for such a weak device.

In contrast, Toronto has received more snow this winter than it has in the last two winters combined, and it's not even Valentine's Day yet.

"Environment Canada said this latest storm puts Toronto at 128 centimetres so far this winter, meaning the city has already received roughly the same amount of snow as the past two winters combined. The snowiest winter on record was over 70 years ago when over 200 centimetres fell."

In related news, The Post bags David Suzuki for his recent call to lock up politicians for neglecting the environment.

One problem environmentalists have (and admittedly, there's a laundry list) is the idea that the government can somehow 'do something' about climate change and the environment. The government can't even thin out traffic after a Jays game, let alone figure out who to save the polar bears. Any salvation is going to come from the private sector, and that's only going to happen once businesses figure out who to make money off climate change.

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