Wicknedness, Religion and Scarves

Human wickedness has nothing to do with religion or the lack thereof. It has something to do with being human, a certain wiring in our brain that makes us do awful things to other people. Without the influence of religion, we would still have done (and still do) terrible things for each other, but religion provides us with both the crutch (to be forgiven of our 'sins') and the cudgel (to blame religion for our atrocities).

What is unacceptable is the power and 'authority' that we grant religious figures. This is a tired and oft tread point, but if a secular organization had systematically sexually abused children and covered up for it like the Catholic Church did, that organization would have been hunted to the ends of the earth. The Catholic Church gets a pass because they 'believe in god' and wear funny hats.

There is just all kinds of wrong with this story, but to me the most egregious is this woman's mother took her to this scumbag because she had migraines. He forced her to do ridiculous things and then he raped her, impregnated her and threatened to kill her.

Praise the lord!

This poor girl was allegedly killed by her father because she failed to wear a hijab, the traditional scarf that Muslim women are supposed to wear. The media (at least the Star) seems to want to portray this a clash of cultures and a clash of generations, traditional versus progressive, the Canadian experience contrasted with the immigrant experience.

Yes. Well. Right.

A father (allegedly) killed his daughter because she wouldn't wear a scarf. The end.

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