Dr. Insight Provides Clarity on 'Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays'

GD: Thanks, Dr. Insight, for taking the time to speak Yes. Well. Right.

DI: Anytime. I spent most of this morning coming up with solutions to the Middle East problem, and I find it refreshing to speak to the media.

GD: The Middle East? Did you come up with anything?

DI: I certainly did. My conclusion - violence is bad. I've already placed calls with the U.S., the Israeli government and The Palestinians. Expect a cessation of attacks shortly.

GD: Excellent news. Today though, I want to talk about a more gripping topic, something that has rendered people into two - given the certain religious sensitives that dominates society, how does one go about expressing season's greetings this time of year?

DI: A good question. To navigate these treacherous waters, what I do is this. When meeting someone, particularly if that someone is not known to me, and I want to pass along some holiday cheer, I do this. I ask 'Are you a Jew?' If there person responds negatively, than I ask 'Are you a Muslim?' If that is answered in the negative, then I say 'Merry Christmas'. I find it eases the tension, not to mention the embarrassment, of saying 'Merry Christmas' to someone not of the Christian persuasion.

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