Don't Even Get Me Started on Horrorscopes

One of the things that makes my head explodes (and believe me, there is a long list of head-exploding related matters) is psychics. I mean, come on. If psychic phenomena were true, than everything we know about the universe is wrong. Everything. If someone were able to predict the future, what power source are they using? What images/information are they receiving? How can someone move something with their mind?

Our continued belief in these scam artists is evidence of our collective stupidity and naivety, a direct descent of when we believed that thunder clouds were the gods being angry and that the right dance moves could lower the infant mortality rate.

Here is a list of predictions that scam artist Sylvia Browne made in 2006. Surprisingly, none of them came true. Still surprisingly, she hasn't been run out of town on a rail.

The best one from the list:

  • She warns Canadians, especially in BC, Alberta, and the Yukon, (Northwestern) of a *cold* winter, urging us to be prepared for extreme cold.
Yes. Well. Right.

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