Counselling Out Multiculturalism

Strange article in the Star today (put down your ironically arch eyebrow before you attempt to utter 'today'?) about the lack of counselling to new immigrants in the 905 area.

"While it's impossible to say whether better support could have eased the culture clash that may have led to the death of Mississauga 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez on Monday, service providers say such inter generational conflicts are common in immigrant communities."

You'd think the editor would have stopped the article right there, but it goes on into some bizarre contortions. If we accept that it was a culture clash that led to his girl's murder (as opposed to her father just being a nut job) based on religious differences, but would have the counselling advised? For the family to give up their culture and accept the Canadian one, a culture that permitted girls to listen to hip-hop, wear make-up and not have fashion choices dictated by her parents? Wouldn't that contradict the very nature of multiculturalism (and the Star's editorial board)?

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