2007 : Good-bye, Stink Year!

When did we start putting everything in lists? And why is it always Top Ten?

Bill Maher has the Dickheads of the Year: No points if you guess President Bush and Vice President Cheney are both on the list.

Mr. Sakamoto has the Anti-Hit List Top Ten, which is mostly comprised of bands you've never heard of, or lie about hearing about, you bastard.

The Beast has the 50 Most Loathsome People in America for 2007, an entertaining read, if not for the use of word 'loathsome' and the list of crimes, including the sentence, for each entry.

Factcheck has the list of the biggest whoppers in 2007 As I've written in a post earlier this year, I'm looking for a back with some cash to start a Fact Check for Canadian politics. Mr. Layton alone would generate enough content to keep us in business.

The savants at Jib Jab have summarized the year in video form. and the idiot-savants at Cracked have a video of the Year of The Douchebaggery. First one up: Queen Douche Bag Sylvia Browne for predicting that a boy had been killed by his kidnappers, which he had not.

PC World (see how diverse my reading is?) has the 10 Funniest Sites on The Internet.

The Guardian has some learned persons recommending good books for 2007 as does the Japan Times.

Deadbolt has the 10 Worst Films of 2007. I take a small sliver of pride with me into the next year by not having seen any of them.

And finally, my favourite end-of-year-list, The Onion's Least Essential Albums Not the worst, not the most mediocre, the least essential.

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