Mr. T Is Good At Computers

What baffles me the most about this commercial is that it has been a long, long, long time since Mr. T. enjoyed anything close to something even close to resembling fame and yet he is hawking a product aimed at people in their '20's. Do people in their '20's remember Mr. T? Considering that A-Team went off the air 20 years ago, this seems unlikely. I'm guessing for most people Mr. T. is just a scary guy yelling with a lot of gold chains. (Which he was in the '80s, but he was a FAMOUS scary guy yelling with a lot of gold chains with a hit TV show)

A broader point: when did commercials start operating fully in the realm of irony and satire? They seem to have slipped into this dark realm some time ago. There's on odd one for Holiday Inn Express (I couldn't find it on You Tube) with a guy with a bad sun tan nattering on about his uncle being eaten by a shark and then his companion calls him on his goggle eyes. Mildly amusing, but it just confuses and annoy most of the viewers. Confuses the people not hip to this surreal irony thing (i.e. - old people) and annoys people who are hip to the surreal irony thing (i.e. - not old people).

Can't advertisers just sell the product without showing off their undergrad degrees in film? We are reaching a point where our entire culture (such as it is) is going to collapse under the weight of all this irony and satire and tongue-in-cheekiness and the survivors will have to resort to speaking honestly and giving out hugs.

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