Another Proud Canadian Moment

Something to celebrate!

"Congratulations Canada, for being ranked in the top 20 by Reporters Without Borders in their annual World Press Freedom index. Canada rocked the competition, finishing just behind Hungary, Austria and New Zealand... no, wait, there was also Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Latvia, Switzerland. They also did better than Canada, but other than that we outshone. That's if you don't count Portugal, Ireland or Denmark either-- ok, how about just all of Europe. Minus Europe completely, in a Europeless world, Canada is the creme de la creme, a beacon of hope for freedom of the press everywhere (AKA 18th). Trinidad and Tobago (19) put up a good fight, but they'll have to ride our coattails yet again as we storm forward, trailblazers of the free press."

I told you Lloyd Robertson was just a lackey for our corporate masters. Mansbridge? Counterrevolutionary agent. He pulls out toenails to get his stories.

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