Why Did We Care What the Catholics Think?

Mr. Coyle in the Star has a good piece today about a Catholic School board trying to ban the HPV vaccination for girls, because, as we all know, it leads to promiscuous sexual behaviour.

At this point, why is the Catholic Church taken seriously? After the deplorable and criminal way that organization exploited and abused children for years, covered it up and hide behind a shield of unfounded sanctimony, they are the last group whose opinions should have any weight in matters of sexuality.

Am I the only one in Ontario excited about the election? According to my incredibly unreliable and unscientific workplace lunchroom poll, I think I am. I received my Voter Registration card in the mail last night and I was gleeful. I still haven't made a decision, and I do think this election is going to come down to single issues, such as funding for religious schools.

The ideal candidate, for me, would be one that cuts off public funding for religious schools, reinstates eye exams under OHIP, vows to take over the TTC and fully-integrate it with GO and 905 public transit, promises no rain on weekend and winning lottery tickets for all who vote for them. And something about a vision, moving forward, all that crap. And maybe free balloons for the kids.

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